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P.O. BOX 296      GREENBELT, MD 20768

Request for Proposal


The GIAC ISP Committee is currently soliciting proposals from qualified Internet service providers to provide Internet services and related support services to GIAC and its member subscribers.

GIAC is a non-stock Maryland cooperative organized and operated by community volunteers to help others learn about and access the Internet. GIAC has no server, but resells Internet access with value-added services. GIAC has primarily an educational mission, conducting free monthly classes at the Greenbelt Library, providing Internet access services to Members who need them, helping Members establish Internet connections in their homes and offices, and engaging in numerous other community service activities, including sponsorship of the Greenbelt Community Website.

The GIAC Membership Roster currently lists eighty-eight (88) Members, fifty-four (54) of whom have connection accounts. All GIAC roles and functions are staffed by volunteers, i.e., GIAC Directors, Officers and other principals are not paid for their services.


Overview of Requirements

Recognizing the inevitability of a verbal clarification and negotiation process, we have made no effort to represent the following list of requirements as being comprehensive or fully explanatory, but only to serve as a point of departure for further discussions. We also recognize ourselves to be non-expert; hence, the details of these requirements may evolve over time as we learn more about specific services and features that may or may not be available.

Items listed as "Required" are services now available to GIAC Members from our current ISP, plus a few new services that we now need.


  • Unlimited (24/7) Internet/WWW access
  • 56Kbps modem pool (V.90 / K56Flex)
  • PC & Macintosh PPP access
  • Minimal down time / No busy signals
  • Greenbelt & vicinity service area
  • No advertising by ISP in our web space or in our e-mail
  • Unlimited POP3 e-mail service (industry-standard capabilities)
  • Multiple mailboxes per member account
  • Virtual domain hosting
  • Website hosting (Unix or WinNT)
  • Multiple websites per member account
  • Pooled webspace
    • GIAC webspace (50mb)
    • Member webspace (5mb each)
    • Additional webspace (per 5mb)
  • Unlimited FTP access
  • FTP group security (defined by GIAC)
  • CGI service & access
  • Newsgroup access
  • Flexible account nomenclature
  • Free webmaster account(s)
  • Reliable (accurate & timely) security administration
  • Member account suspension/reactivation
  • Local technical support (trouble reporting)
  • Free password changes
  • Free Internet access software
  • Discounted service rates
  • All fees paid by the 5th of each month


  • No setup charges or transfer fees
  • No excess bandwidth charges (account suspension OK)
  • Protected CGI service
  • CGI script library (with documentation)
  • Extended local service area
  • National dial-up access (33.6Kbps minimum)
    • Permanent access
    • Vacation access
    • Roving access
  • 24/7 technical support (trouble reporting)
  • ISDN, DSL and/or other fast-access services
  • FTP extensions (FrontPage, etc.)
  • LISTSERV capability
  • Ability for us to e-mail our entire membership at once
  • Spam control
  • Secure server hosting
  • Domain alias support
  • Unix shell account / telnet access


If interested, please submit a proposal package describing your "best fit" service offering with regard to the listed requirements. Be advised that, as this solicitation is currently in draft form, any proposal submitted at this point will be considered non-binding and negotiable. We will appreciate your expert assistance in developing a final service package and formal written contract.


Contact Information

Please direct all proposals and inquiries regarding this solicitation to:

      Doug Love
      Chairman, ISP Committee
      Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative
      P.O. Box 296
      Greenbelt, MD 20768

Thank you for your interest in the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative.



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