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Proposed Changes

The basic rationale and the listed guidelines in this proposal were approved in principle by the Directors at the monthly meeting on June 9, 2005; therefore, voting applies only to the specific language to be added to Board Rules & Procedures under the topic "Meeting Rules".


  • To offer modifications to the proposed language, vote NO and type your suggested changes into the Comments area.

  • [The webmaster will moderate and summarize this first ballot to get any kinks out of the new procedure. Your comments are welcome. ]

Proposal 1

Proposed text:
The following guidelines will be utilized by the President (or alternate chair) to maintain control of all scheduled meetings governed by an approved agenda. However, with Board approval, any or all of these guidelines may be waived or modified during any meeting. If not waived or modified, violation of these guidelines may be called to the attention of the chair (with due courtesy) by any Director.

  1. Additions to the approved agenda, proposed by persons arriving more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the meeting (and accepted by the Board for inclusion), will be placed under New Business below all other previously approved additions.

  2. Repetitions of meeting discussions, solely for the benefit of late arrivals, will not be allowed.

  3. Off-topic comments and discussions will not be allowed.

  4. Individual comments will be limited to 3 minutes.

  5. Topic discussions will be limited to 15 minutes.

  6. Unscheduled guest presentations will be limited to 3 minutes.

  7. Scheduled guest presentations will be limited to 15 minutes.

To allow scheduled meetings to reach productive conclusions in timely fashion by controlling or eliminating the problems stated or implied.


YES  Anne Andersen, Peggy Bates, Phil Brandis, Mary Camp, Ed James, Neil McLeod  

Proposal 1 is approved.

Voting deadline for this ballot:
Send any questions to: Director Neil McLeod

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