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Approval of Meeting Minutes


  • Please submit any needed corrections as soon as possible to allow the minutes to be finalized before the next monthly meeting.

  • The minutes will be displayed in a new browser window, allowing you to copy and paste text into the ballot Comments area.

  • As previously advertised, transition to a simpler agenda format is being applied in this cycle. Details you have already seen in the August 11 agenda were relocated into this August 11 minutes. My apologies for the duplication (in this cycle only), but we didn't want to lose the detailed action item information. The August 11 agenda (linked within the minutes) and all future agendas will contain no action items. Action item details will appear only in minutes documents and will be carried forward from month to month until completed or otherwise disposed of by the Board.

  • Thanks to all of you who contributed to these adjustments.

    Neil McLeod

Proposal 1

Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting - August 11, 2005


YES  Ed James, Neil McLeod  
ABSTAIN  Peggy Bates, Phil Brandis  
ABSENT  Anne Andersen, Mary Camp  

The minutes are approved.

Voting deadline for this ballot:
Send any questions to: Secretary Terry Henderson

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