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Community Calendar

Publish "flyer flyer"   volunteer here
  • Make a GIAC flyer encouraging other groups that hang flyers to mail one (regularly) to the GIAC PO Box, or fax it to the Community Webmaster, to be posted in the Community Calendar.
Distribute "flyer flyer"   volunteer here
  • Post the "flyer flyer" on the main hallway bulletin board in the Greenbelt Community Center.
  • Because bulletin boards are usually cleared on a regular basis (monthly?), the GIAC flyer should be replaced just as regularly.
Collect bulletin board events   volunteer here
  • To avoid collecting duplicate listings, take the current News Review with you. If details of the flyer event are listed in the paper, we already have them.
  • Monitor the bulletin board on a regular basis (weekly?) to discover any new flyers posted there.
  • Forward event information to the Community Webmaster via e-mail or fax. (Don't steal the other group's flyer!)
Contact groups that advertise   volunteer here
  • Contact groups that advertise recurring events (monthly meetings, etc.) to ask them to mail their flyers to the GIAC PO Box, or fax them to the Community Webmaster.
  • Eventually, perhaps most clubs and organizations can be persuaded to send their flyers to GIAC regularly.
Collect events from other community bulletin boards   volunteer here
  • Duplicate the GIAC "flyer flyer" tasks outlined above at other popular Greenbelt posting locations (CO-OP Supermarket, Joe's, etc.) and at central bulletin boards in nearby communities (Berwyn Heights, Lanham, Glenn Dale, Bowie, Beltsville, etc.).
Collect events from other sources   volunteer here
  • On a regular cycle, collect family and other popular events occurring elsewhere in the metro area, particularly on weekends, by browsing '' or similar sources.
  • Send the details or locations of these announcements to the Community Webmaster via e-mail or fax.
  • If other (appropriate) websites are discovered that post such events, please inform the Community Webmaster.
Submit formatted event listings   volunteer here
  • To fully assist the Community Webmaster, submit calendar events in the fixed format of Community Calendar entries and forward them via e-mail only.

Community Directory

Verify phone numbers & Internet addresses   volunteer here
  • Choose a page or section of the Community Directory not assigned to other volunteers.
  • Call the phone number listed for each organization.
  • Identify yourself as a representative of Greenbelt Internet and explain the purpose of your call (to list their organization in the Greenbelt Community Directory for reference by the public). Emphasize that all listings are free.
  • Verify the organization's name and phone number.
  • Ask if the organization maintains a World Wide Web site. If so, ask for the web address (URL). If unknown by the person who answered the phone, ask to speak to someone who might know (e.g., Marketing Department or Sales Manager).
  • During the conversation, if you have a separate phone line for your computer, access the organization's website to verify the URL. If found, be sure to compliment the appearance of the website. However, if access to the website is slow, don't make the other person wait. (But don't criticize the speed of the website; give the excuse that your modem is "slow".)
  • Finally, ask for the organization's main public e-mail address (the "business" side, not the webmaster). E-mail addresses are usually listed on the organization's website, but sometimes it takes time to find them.
  • If the organization has no website or e-mail address, ask if they may be interested in having one. If so, you should say that, with their permission, you will refer their "inquiry" to an Internet professional (not GIAC) who will contact them soon for more information. Find out which person in their organization should be contacted. [For your information:  We distribute these contacts to the web developers listed in the Community Directory.]
  • Thank the person for the information given and for his/her time.
  • Forward all information obtained to the Community Webmaster via e-mail or fax.

Community Gallery

Process images   volunteer here
  • Obtain photos or art images from the Publicity Coordinator or other source.
  • Scan photos or art images to produce image files.
  • Convert and/or post-process each image file as needed to produce a .GIF or .JPG file of reasonable file size (30-70kb) cropped or resized to fit a 640x480 display. Resolution and color depth are left to the discretion of the expert. Oversize files will be considered for wide-angle or otherwise spectacular images.
  • Forward converted image files to the Community Webmaster via e-mail, FTP, CD-R, CD-RW, or diskette.

Delegate Web Pages

Greenbelt Library page   volunteer here Greenbelt Museum page Greenbelt Fire Department page Greenbelt maps page   volunteer here
  • A collection of area maps of all kinds.
Greenbelt parks page   volunteer here
  • A description and photograph of each park.
Greenbelt arts page   volunteer here
  • [Details to be determined]
Greenbelt sports pages (youth & adult)   volunteer here
  • Softball leagues, Little League, etc.
Greenbelt residential pages (Boxwood, Greenbriar, etc.)   volunteer here
  • A description and photograph of each residential area.
  • Woodland Hills page maintained by (vacant).
  • Lakewood page maintained by Gilbert & Ellen Lee.
Greenbelt neighbors pages (Berwyn Heights, Bowie, etc.)   volunteer here
  • For neighbors without their own community website.
Special interest pages (kids, teens, seniors, etc.)   volunteer here
  • How about a Kids' Page maintained by kids, etc.?
Other community pages (your interest)   volunteer here
  • [Details to be determined]

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