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College Park Airport
Features:   Museum with old airplanes, crafts and puzzles for kids, rocking/pedaling airplanes outside, great view of the runway, free goody bag for kids, museum shop. Admission about $4 adults, $2 children. You can also watch the runway for free from the bike path in Berwyn Heights or from Calvert Park (which has a small playground).
Directions:   From Greenbelt Rd go south on Kenilworth Avenue, then right on Calvert Rd. Go right into Calvert Park for playground and free view of runway, or go right at second traffic light on Corporal Frank Scott Drive to reach the airport and museum. Alternatively, take the metro to College Park and walk along Calvert Rd to Corporal Frank Scott Drive (on the left).
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National Air and Space Museum
Features:   Airplanes, helicopters, rockets, etc. One room called 'How Things Fly' (near the restaurant) has hands-on science activities for kids and an airplane they can sit in and steer. IMAX movies.
Directions:   Directions to National Air and Space Museum Facilities
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National Museum of Natural History
Features:   Discovery Room has kids' activities and lots of interesting things they can touch and play with. You need timed tickets to get in, on the hour or half-hour, but these are free. IMAX movies (not free).
Directions:   Located at 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW Washington, D.C.20560
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National Aquarium
Features:   Fish, turtles, alligators, etc. Small aquarium (but about the right size for a toddler's attention span). Admission about $4 adults, $2 children over 2.
Directions:   Only one block from the Washington Monument, the National Aquarium is located in the Department of Commerce Building on 14th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Constitution Avenue NW.
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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Features:   Small visitors' center has a space capsule to sit in, rockets (mostly outside), gift shop. Model rocket launches on 1st & 3rd Sundays at 1pm. Various special events and Open Days
Directions:   From Greenbelt Rd turn on Soil Conservation Rd, then left on Explorer Rd and follow signs.